How long will it take to get rich using the bots?

If there was an easy way to get rich off bots and altcoins, don’t you think there would be more stories out there about it? The better question is…

Is there a way GUNBOT could make you loose money?

Yes, only if you use a stop limit too close to the coin’s daily variation OR in the case of coin’s crashes.
Beware: by coin’s crashes, I didn’t mean “dumps”: dumps are “dumbs” and you shouldn’t panic during a dump, as long as the coin is solid and you trust it.
We have support services, where I will teach you how to not panic during a dump too,  and you will get all the fundamentals you need to be a good GUNBOT trader.

Is there money back guarantee or refund?

Due to the maturity of the software, the multiple available 3rd parties plugins, the great community support, we are not able to offer to your customers a 15 money back guarantee.

All users that purchased the GUNBOT license until now, can benefit of the 15 days money back guarantee until 15 of august 2017. New buyers will not have this benefit

What Buy / Sell Strategy does GunBot have ?

– Pure Bollinger Band
– Gain
– Step Gain
– Ping Pong

Increasing the power of BB strategy with the following algo: StepGain, Gain, PingPong. You can now mix the 4 strategies as you wish on the 3 supported markets: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex.

Here are the possible algo you can use:

Pure BB: the BB formula has been improved, it now shows good values and it is not consuming the amount of CPU it used in v3.1. I suggest to start with 30 lowBB and 30 highBB values and then tune them on the fly for each coin.
You can restart the bot whenever you want: it will remember the BB. To use this strategy set BUY_STRATEGY: ‘BB’ and SELL_STRATEGY: ‘BB’ in your config files.
Pure STEPGAIN: BUY_STRATEGY: ‘STEPGAIN’ and SELL_STRATEGY: ‘STEPGAIN’ in your config files, will give you the power to explore up and down until the bot finds the best price to buy and the highest price to sell (supergun trend watchdog applies with improved algo). All of this on all 3 markets: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex. We have now 2 levels of BUY and 2 levels of SELL only in config files, since the third has not been really useful. Set BUYLVL and SELLLVL to the right level you want to use. Example: if you have BUYLVL1 to 3 and BUYLVL2 to 5, set BUYLVL to 2 if you want to explore from to 5%to infinite, or set BUYLVL to 1 if you want to explore from 3% to infinite.
Pure GAIN: BUY_STRATEGY: ‘GAIN’ and SELL_STRATEGY: ‘GAIN’ in yoru config files will give you the power to explore from BUY_LEVEL % to infinite and from GAIN % to infinite.
For example: if you set BUY_LEVEL to 3 and GAIN to 5, it will buy at 3% or more (supergun trend watchdog applies) and it will sell at 5% or more (again supergun trend watchdog applies). All of this in all markets: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex.
Pure PINGPONG: set a price to buy and a price to sell in PINGPONG_BUY and PINGPONG_SELL config values and your bot will continuosly buy at PINGPONG_BUY price or lower and sell at PINGPONG_SELL or higher. Supergun trend watchdog applies and this strategy is available in all markets: Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex.

Any MIX of above strategies: you can set BUY_STRATEGY and SELL_STRATEGY values to any mix you want. For example you can buy with BB and sell with PINGPONG, or you can buy with PINGPONG and sell with GAIN, or BUY with STEPGAIN and sell with GAIN, and so on.

Any mix you use, supergun trend watchdog will always help you to get a lower price to buy and an higher price to sell of what you put in configs: all of this on all markets, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken & Cryptopia.

Is GunBot Safe?

When running Gunbot, you will either run it on your own personal computer or a dedicated server (VPS) so it is as safe as the platform it is running on.

Gunbot runs via the API system on the exchange so when you make your key to use with Gunbot ensure that you don’t allow withdrawals then you can have piece of mind that your Crypto Balances are safe.

What should I Expect as Profit?

Depending on the time frame & Strategies and what your bot is looking for you could make a lot.
GunBot having a better strategy than a buy and hold method and as long as you believe your choice of Altcoin will go up, then you will make a Profit.

Why use a GunBot at All?

Gunbot is an easy to use, advanced crypto trading bot. You define your trading strategy and watch Gunbot do the trading for you. Enabling you to get up to hundreds of profitable trades per day, 24/7.

There are many reasons why you would use a bot.
Maybe you are an inexperienced trader and are looking for a way to get into trading,
Maybe you want someone watching over your account while you are away or asleep,
Maybe you don’t need the stress of staring at monitors all day and want a rational less emotional way of trading.

For security reasons, Gunbot runs on your local computer or your server only. This way your trading API secret stays private, and nobody can influence your trading.

No need for a subscription, a one time fee gets you lifetime support and software updates.

Gunbot is used by thousands of users and has an awesome community :heart:

How GunBot Actually Works ?

It works as it should: Buy Low and Sell High, and Best Part it does it repeatedly generating a profit for you.

This is not just a PING-PONG algorithm, this is something more advanced that takes consideration of the market prices and volatility.

I’m going to explain “how” exactly to Buy Low and Sell High, so you can understand the logic of GUNBOT.

As stated in the disclaimer, you can apply this logic to manual trading, but doing it with GUNBOT will multiply your profits, depending on how much you invested in the trade.
Also it runs 24/7 and you can trade as many pairs as you want. BTC pairs, ETH pairs, USDT pairs & other pairs.

How can I learn about tuning a bot to my needs?

All bots are designed to be technical market traders, educate yourself on technical market indicators, use websites to create charts based off those indicators and see if conditions you set match the market. Then apply what you learn to a bot and share it with the community.

Why doesn’t the backtest match my actual trades exactly?

When the bot trades it will try to get the price asked, but the market will shift some during that time. This is known as slippage. Some clever ways have come up to help minimize it, but consider yourself lucky if you get the exact asking price your bot wanted to trade.

Why does one bot buy/sell but another doesn’t?

Different bots are designed and tuned to do different things. Of course they are going to react differently to the market.

Why doesn’t my bot buy/sell at the lowest/highest?

Most importantly the bots are not always checking to buy or sell, they have a period of time where they wait and it is likely that which ever peak or valley doesn’t happen right when the bot checks. Plus even if it was the highest or lowest how would the bot know? All bots are looking for specific conditions to trade on and in most cases it will execute after it the high or low.

This is the holy grail of bot trading, not just for altcoins, but for all markets. There are large computers with well paid designers trying to create these kinds of bots. I doubt we will see them here.

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